One Year to Launch Day 4 – Via Negativia – Eliminating a Bad Habit From Life

This post is Day 3 of the 31-Day Journaling Challenge began with Day 1 – Or the Why this Blog Came About.

Day 4 – Today, pick a habit that you’d like to eliminate from your life. Think about the steps you’ll take in order to end that negative habit. Again, think about how you’ll keep yourself accountable to that goal.

So what habit do I plan to kick out from my life this year? For me that would probably be something simple – spending or rather, wasting too much time on the internet.

It took a lot of time for me to get used to being online years ago. Now it takes a lot for most of us to be pulled from spending too much time on it with Facebook, Instagram and all the other social networks that constantly feed us with information – sometimes useful, most often not – about our friends, family members, relatives, exes, etc.

Obviously a lot of articles have already been written about getting out of this bad habit/addiction. To some, there are paid options like apps that lock you out from your internet connection, to gadgets that shock you to changing habits. Free options on the other hand go from being so busy that you don’t have time to browse the net, to unsubscribing from internet service.

For me though here are my planned steps (in no particular order):

1. Schedule internet times – for those who are running an online business (I wish I was), those that need internet to trade stocks (what I do too), being connected is an integral part of life. However realistically speaking we don’t need to be connected 24/7 to our screens watching markets. There’s more to life than that. I plan on scheduling internet time, for just a few hours because it will enable me to make good use of the allotted time, as well as ensure that efficiency and time management is achieved. If I know that I’ll have only 2 hours in a day, then I’ll likely make good use of the 2 hours knowing that there won’t be any other time in the day.

2. Look for other hobbies – before the internet became so accessible people like me used to spend most of their days going out with friends, doing stuff like watching movies or engaging in sports, or playing a videogame or two while at home. Nowadays, more people spend time fixed on their gadgets. You’ll see it whenever you dine at restaurants, or attend parties (especially the boring ones). Imagine though what a difference it would make that instead of being glued to your device you try to do some activity where you learn something or actually spend time BEING with other people instead of virtually being with them.

There’s a lot of simple goals that I mentioned in the introduction to this blog that I thin I can choose from. Maybe you should come up with a list of your own of things that you might want to achieve in 2015 or earlier that you can decisively, finally do for yourself.

3. Read a physical book – This one is something that I plan on doing this year. Having an iPad or Kindle or any other tablet is all good, but then also having an internet connection with that device will also disrupt your reading flow. Enjoying a good ‘ole book has many benefits. It affords a greater appreciation on craftsmanship, is a better tactile experience, and is also a good rest for your eyes – something that did not used to be the case in the not-so-connected years before.

I love reading, which I need to find again this year as my ever growing digital AND physical book hoard has yet to diminish significantly as yet.

4. Watch more TV – Weird suggestion but watching TV especially with others increases social interaction which then improves relationships. For language learners like myself, this is also a good thing when used to watch shows in your target language.

There you go. Four steps which are meant to get something started or in the case of bad habits, stopped. I could write more about this topic and will probably do so as time passes by. Hope you are also working on removing bad habits from your lives. Everyone has an opportunity to improve themselves. Maybe this is your chance if you haven’t started already.

Good luck!

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